GPS - Ghizala Psychological Services - mental health, adolesence, relationships and cultural issues.
How to get an appointment.
I provide psychological intervention at several medical centers and private rooms.

My services can be accessed via:

~~self referrals, where you can call or email me to make an appointment or:

~~through a GP, where he/she can fax or email a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP).
Please note that a GP-MHCP gives you access to mediare rebates for 10 sessions in a calendar year. Most Private Health Funds will pay after the 10 sessions have been used.

I can provide phone or on-line sessions which are generally are not covered by Medicare. However, remote areas may get a rebate for my services.

Generally, I will call you and organise an appointment at your preferred clinic. 

If you have not heard from us within a fortnight, please call or text us to follow up. 

* See link for the Department of Health and Ageing fact sheet for patients to better access for mental health:$File/patients2.pdf
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